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Co-Signing of Policy Paper - Terms and Conditions

How personal data are processed in the context of the co-signing of our policy paper is subject to both these terms and conditions and our privacy policy. 

Data controller

The data controller is FemAI, the Center for Feminist Artificial Intelligence (details as set out in our privacy policy).

Collection of information:

The following information will be collected when you co-sign our policy paper:

1. First Name, Surname

2. Name of institution (if any), and/or position

Use of information:

We will share your personal information with EU-bodies relevant to the policy process (i.a. the European Commission and the European Parliament).

Additionally, we will post the information on our website and share it on our social media channels, alongside the policy paper.

Data protection rights

For detailed information on your data protection rights, please refer to our above-mentioned privacy policy.

Duration of keeping your data

Your data will remain on our website along with the policy paper. If the policy paper should be taken off the website our our social media channels, your data will be taken off accordingly.

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