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We are the
Center for Feminist
Artificial Intelligence

 We are opinion leaders

  • Beyond Ethical Al Experts: named among the 25 leading voices In the Al ethics debate worldwide.


  • Speakers and panels for the EU Delegation in Washington, the German Bundestag, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Amnesty International, etc.

We are better connected

  • At the cutting edge of debate: FemAl works at the interface between politics, society, and business.


  • Our global network enables the inclusion of the people who are overlooked or overheard and end up driving the excellence of your business.

We have experience

  • We have accompanied the EU Al Act since and are involved in policy processes and background discussions.


  • Through past Al projects and 500+ hours of Gen AI application experience, we know what matters - and what doesn't .

We go beyond the obvious

  • Thinking outside the box together with FemAl., e.g, with insights from other industries and digital experts outside your company.


  • We combine our information precaution with a clear vision of digital ethics that work.

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