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Our feminist view on the EU AI Act

What is this about?

Over the last two years, since the European Commission first presented its initial proposal in April 2021, the EU Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act is now in its final phase of the EU legislative process: the inter-institutional trilogue, involving the EU Commission, the EU Council, and the EU Parliament.

In the last year, FemAI’s co-founders and fellows visited conferences, spoke to decision-makers, and reviewed the EU AI Act on several occasions above and beyond our Feminist AI and Digital Policy Roundtable.

We made two key observations

  1. An intersectional feminist position on the EU AI Act is mostly missing.

  2. Power dimensions within digital policy processes must be challenged.

Our Policy Paper

We are proud to present our feminist vision for the EU AI Act in the form of six action points. We call for support through signatures from individuals as well as institutions before this policy paper is addressed to the relevant EU bodies in October 2023.

With your signature, you are helping to advocate for marginalized, underprivileged, and underrepresented groups to receive the focus they deserve.

You can display and download our paper here or scroll down:

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